Jeero offers end-to-end funnel optimization. From audience acquisition to customer conversion, we can increase the performance of your business every step of the way.

Optimized funnels = Increased Profits.


Social Marketing

Facebook & Instagram have over 1.7 billion users.

Your future customers spend countless hours a day browsing these platforms. We help you find and target them with strategically profitable campaigns.


There are millions of yearly searches for your products.

When proactively looking for your products, your customers use Google. We optimize your website content so you show up first and stay top of mind.


Cart Recovery

More than 40% of carts never convert into a sale. 

Customers have short attention spans. By crafting abandoned cart recovery funnels that speak to their needs, we help you increase cart completions.

Email Marketing

Your Email list is an untapped gold mine.

You work hard to turn your visitors into customers. We help you craft the proper messaging to turn buyers into repeat customers.


Paid Search Marketing

Stay top of mind with Adwords.

Paid search advertising is a great way to stay ahead of your competition and dominate the front page. We help you put together profitable shopping campaigns that provide asymmetric returns.

Web Design

Poor User Experience can hinder your business.

With endless choices, consumers are quick to abandon sites that add friction to their experience. We help you make your site responsive and user friendly to decrease bounce rate and increase engagement.