Instagram Marketing: How To Turn Your Followers Into Customers


If you run an eCommerce business, chances are Instagram is part of your customer acquisition strategy.

If not, it definitely should be. With more than 800 million people on the platform, Instagram’s visual content make it an ideal place to showcase your products in action.

But what’s truly mind blowing, and exciting for us here at Jeero, is that brands actually get four times as much engagement on Instagram than they do on Facebook.

You read that right - four times.

Most people are comfortable spending money on Facebook because it’s easy.

Unlike it’s parent, you can’t click links in Instagram posts, and the space for copy is often cut short. Of course, this is intentional in order to keep the interaction on the platform simple.

As a brand, you want your followers to be engaged on the platform. This helps you build brand equity, start conversations and provide customer service.

But how do you go beyond happy followers, and turn them into happy customers?

Instagram Custom Audiences


Facebook Custom Audiences allow you to define a group of people based on certain actions they’ve taken. One of those actions is engagement, and it’s highly effective when trying to turn your followers into customers.

Instagram Custom Audiences allow you to target the following people:

  • Anyone who visited your business profile

  • People who engaged with any post or ad

  • People who sent a message to your business profile

  • People who saved any post or ad

From the looks of it, Facebook lists these options from broad to most targeted.

People who visit your profile may do so for a second, while those who save your post or message you have more interest in your content.

Depending on your following and the engagement you achieve per post, the size of these audiences can be a couple thousand people.

But it doesn’t have to be, here at Jeero, we see success targeting these audiences with as little as a thousand people in our audiences.

Shoppable Posts


With brands getting so much engagement, Instagram and Shopify are currently testing out Instagram shoppable posts.

Much like tagging your products in Facebook, this feature allows you to tag your photos with your products so followers can purchase without ever leaving the site.

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do at the link above.

Luis Morales